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This documentation project provides a consistent model of data collection and ongoing data for use by planners, governments, and bicycle and pedestrian professionals.

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Want to ask questions about parks and plans? Offer feedback and comment on others' posts?

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The Woodlands at Robinson would like to thank the sponsors of the event, the volunteers who helped, and the community for making this event a huge success.

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The Portage Park District welcomes its newest Board member.

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The following hikes will count towards your Wild Hikes Challenge!

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Phenology refers to key seasonal changes in plants and animals from year to year.

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The Portage Park District owns over 1,000 acres of park property across the county that are not yet open to the public.

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We have a few tips to get you and your family ready for this school year.

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This is sure to be a fun event.

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This month's guest speaker is a 24-year-old multimedia artist.