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 World’s Only Indoor Zipline Park Opens in Streetsboro

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*updated 1/2/14

Portage County is rapidly becoming one of Ohio’s most fun places to visit. With the recent addition of  The Jump Palace on Market Square Drive,  it will now add yet another high energy fun indoor experience where thrill seeking adventurous kids and adults can take their wilder side to new heights – literally!


Zip City will give the word ‘flight’ a new meaning. Check out what’s in store:

  • Three story high zip lines that boast a 220 foot ride at up 20 miles per hour!
  • 10,000 square feet of trampoline fun where you can play basketball, dodgeball, or just jump!
  • Kids under 6 get their own tot tramp space!
  • Large Video Game Arcade where you can win Zip City Hats, T-Shirts or Zipline rides!

Friday, December 20, 2013 at 3:00 pm is the day you can test it all out as Streetsboro welcomes the World’s Only Indoor Zipline Park!

According to their website, “ZipCity™ is not your average trampoline park. Zip City provides all the fun you can have on trampolines, with the added excitement of being the only indoor Zipline Park on Earth. This incredible facility spans over 18,000 sq. ft.”


If you’re just there to let your kids burn off some energy, don’t think you’ll be stuck in a stuffy parent area twiddling your thumbs. You’ll be the guest of Zip City’s Sky Lounge!

“The Sky Lounge is a 1200 square foot mezzanine, 14 feet high, that overlooks the Trampoline and Zipline areas. In The Sky Lounge, parents can sit comfortably on couches and club chairs, and watch their kids “having a blast” trampoline jumping and Ziplining.”


You’ll also find three 60 inch flat screen TVs with more cushy furniture and coffee tables where you can watch all the big games while your kids are enjoying their own. And you won’t even have to leave the screen when the game’s in play and miss a down to walk to the first floor concession stand. Waiters and waitresses will be up there taking orders! Awesome! Sky Lounge will be open Thursdays and Fridays from 3-11 pm, and all day Saturday and Sunday.

December 20 at 3 pm is the big opening day! Don’t miss it out. Let Portage County give Zip City a real high five welcome!

***Thursday night discount night begins January 9!  From 8-11 pm it is UNLIMITED use of the park for $10.00 with a college ID, and just $15.00 for general admission!


Visit their website where you’ll find lots for more info.

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9960 State Route 43
Streetsboro, Ohio 44241


Park Hours
Zip City’s Normal Hours are:

Mondays & Tuesdays: closed
Wednesdays: 1 – 7 pm
Thursdays & Fridays: 1 – 11 pm
Saturdays: 11 am – 11 pm
Sundays: 11 am – 7 pm

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